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We are a leading company having infrastructure of CFS authorised by the customs to have the customs clearance in regard to the Bangladesh cargo at Kolkata only.

We are having multimodal logistic facility to serve from any where in India to anywhere in Bangladesh.

We provide services related to Exim activities for different part of the world too.

We have complete solution of exim logistics / warehousing/ customs / Bonded werehouse/ transportation / border clearance/ dispatch at destination.


Container Corporation of India Limited

  • A Navratna company
  • Containerrised railway facility from India to Bangladesh
  • CFS operation



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Our Mission

To make ease of Exim business by providing end to end solution for Exim cargo between countries under single window service.

Our Vision

To reduce the cost of Exim logistics in order to support the growth of industry as logistic compound is the basic backbone to have cost effective by having a complete solution under single window services cost can be minimised and real time tracking can be done for the respective cargo.

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Exim logistics from India to Bangladesh and Vice-versa in a single window

BDA-CONCOR-A Navratna Company

Concor C F S Mangement Has Been Privatiesd

Operation and Marketing Responsibility

Rail Connectivity – Export Facility

Road Connectivity – Export Facility

Connected to Entire India by Rail Head


Road Transport

  • Through various LCS
  • Mainly done through Petrapole /Benapole

Rail Transport

  • Container train moves from Petrapole / Benapole

River Transport

  • Mainly done from Kolkata – Mongla

Sea Transport

  • Mainly done from Kolkata to Chittagong

Road Transport


Road is connected with various ICP main business is held through Petrapole/Benapole by mean of lorry/trailer by making transshipment at ICP

Time Period

It takes about 4 to 5 days.


Mode of transportation happens through Lorry/Trailers.


Transportation cost is moderate.


  • Through road mode perisable commodities/Mac hinery/Cotton/Fa bric/Iron & Steel/Other materials.
  • It is averaging little costlier as transshipment is done.
  • Sometimes materials gets damaged due to various handling.

Rail Transport


Railway is connected with 5 interchange railway connection.
Containers rail is connected mainly from Petrapole/Benapole through CONCOR rail.

Time Period

It takes only 1 to 2 days only.


Transportation is done through CONCOR rail.


Transportation cost is low.


  • Through Railway Sugar/Cotton/ Glass bottles/FMG/ Fabrics/ Machinery, etc limited due to non-existent of handling infrastructure.
  • It is fastest and cheaper mode of transportation.
  • Having safe logistics.
  • Have more potential to grow if possible infrastructure is available.

River Transport


River route is connected with KOLKATA TO MONGLA PORT/PANGOU PORT, mainly having bilateral trading facilities for Bangladesh as well as upper part of India also.

Time Period

The voyage duration is 4 days.


The transportation of Exim goods happens through BERGE.


Transportation cost is low for bulk item.


  • Through river route it is better to make transportation of bulk and heavier commodities.
  • Time is reasonable.
  • Cost is low.

Sea Transport


Sea mode is connected from India to Bangladesh through Kolkata Port and Western regional ports such as Mumbai/Nhava Sheva/Hazira /Chennai Port.

Time Period

The voyage time taken from India to Bangladesh through sea is 20-22 days.


Shipping container – through feeder vessels by making various transshipment.


The cost of transportation is high.


  • If the cargo is transported from India to Bangladesh by Sea rote then stuffing of the cargo is done in the shipping container.
  • It takes much higher time
  • Most Costlier

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Successful Transit Rate


Secure Delivery


Benapole Operation

  • We have the complete infrastructure / facility at Bangladesh
  • Custom clearance at Benapole / Mongla entire logistics support

Singia Operation

  • We have the entire infrastructure / facility at Singia.
  • We unload cargo from Railway container Rake at Singia station.

Mongla Port Operation

  • We have the complete infrastructure / facility at Bangladesh
  • Custom clearance at Benapole / Mongla entire logistics support

Total solution of Exim cargo in a single window

We collect the cargo from anywhere in India

Transportation /Logistic / Packing facility

Custom clearance in India part - C F S at Kolkata

Border Clearance

Custom Clearance at Bangladesh

Transportation / Logistics support at Bangladesh

Timely delivery of cargo at warehouse / factory


We have the e-sealing facility
at a very low cost.


Live tracking can be done of
the cargo


Safety and security of
the cargo


Expediting the custom clearance
/ Border clearance.


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